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SSBBW Candy Godiva

Hey ya'll!!!
Do you like it FAT?
Do you like it SUPERSIZED?

Well, you've come to the right place!
Candy is a SSBBW, with a huge belly. Over 450lbs, 5'1" of pure hunger and super size sex appeal.

She's got a huge ass, ginormous thighs, beefy back rolls, super-plump arms, and a fat, juicy pussy.
When describing herself on the phone once she didn't know how to explain her figure and just said "big all over."
There isn't too much she hasn't tried, but only a few things that are easy for her to do.

There is a lot of content in the member's area, but as large as the site seems to be, it's 100% amateur.

When you join, you get TONS of CandyGoodness right at your fingertips.  Join Now and take a look at years of experimenting with different things up until it was hard to just get up off the futon.

Recent Updates

Chinese Food Then A Burger & Fries
64 images
SSBBW Candy pulls up on one of those big thighs
Pizza & Brownies
44 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva poses with big belly out
Sushi & Ice Cream
65 images
ssbbw candy godiva gets to go to buffet @ asia
                  and pig out!
Southern Food
79 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva standing for some poses in
                  this update
Poutine, Pizza, Cheese steak, and KFC
105 images
ssbbw candy godiva about to get some kfc
Hawaiian BBQ and Burger with Fries
68 images
                  ssbbw candy godiva digging in to a burger with fries
Chinese food, burgers, fries, and nude standing SSBBW
95 images
ssbbw candy godiva stretches out after a big
Jack in the Box and Mexican food
75 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva has some Mexican food
Pizza, sub, Chinese food, boba tea
82 images

ssbbw candy godiva has some hawaiian pizza
Thai BBQ and Granny's Kitchen
84 images
                  SSBBW Candy Godiva getting into some food from
                  Granny's Kitchen
Candy gets 2 big meals
107 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva has some big arms and a really
                  big belly!
Candy has Taco Bell for breakfast
17:34 clip

nude ssbbw candy godiva having taco bell
Candy has all kinds of different foods
96 images
ssbbw candy godiva has some mcdonald's breakfast
Vietnamese Food and a few Nudes
76 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva standing nude
Taco Bell, KFC, some other place
90 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva bends over the futon
Chinese food in the nude
50 images
                  SSBBW Candy Godiva standing
McDonald's and Hawaiian BBQ
74 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get into some
                  Hawaiian BBQ
Jack in the Box
99 images

McRib sandwiches and more
74 images
SSBBW Candy Godiva bending over in panties with
                  the belly out

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