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This set of 68 images shows Candy enjoying 2 different meals.  One is L&L Hawaiian BBQ and the other is a burger and fries from another place at another time.
nude ssbbw candy godivanude ssbbw with hawaiian bbqnude ssbbw with burger and friesnude ssbbw candy godivanude ssbbw candy godiva
95 photos that include Candy having some of her favorite salt and pepper wings with an orange chicken lunch special as well.  The very first photo was some beautiful bacon that Candy was cooking, but after that there is the Chinese food.  After those pics, there are a few that feature Candy standing up and showing a few different views of her super sized body.  Candy takes a seat, and then there are photos showing the progress of Candy finishing off the chicken, along with egg roll and spam musubi.  A few more photos show Candy stretching out nude on the futon after eating, and then there are more photos of another delicious dinner of seasoned fries, mini burgers (that weren't as small as White Castle), and some chicken tenders that featured big whole chunks of breast meat.  There are a few more photos of Candy stretching out after eating that amazing food, and that brings the update to a close.
Nude SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get into
                          some serious Chinese foodSSBBW Candy Godiva stretches out after a
                          big mealssbbw candy godiva digging into some
                          chinese foodssbbw candy godiva grabs that big bellyssbbw candy godiva has some burgers,
                          seasoned fries, and chicken tenders
75 photos that start out with Candy nude on the futon, waiting for the Jack in the Box meal/snack that is coming up in the same photo set.  Candy really loves the combination of burger, fries, and a shake, and this time she gets exactly that from one of her favorite fast food places.  The second half of this update shows Candy digging in to some Mexican food, with a big wet burrito, some enchiladas, and re-fried beans and Spanish rice on the side.  When Candy finishes that meal, she pushes the food out of the way and stretches out on the futon for some shots in her bra & panties.
nude SSBBW Candy Godiva stretches out
                          before a big mealnude SSBBW Candy Godiva has some Jack in
                          the BoxNude SSBBW Candy Godiva finishes off her
                          shakeSSBBW Candy Godiva about to have some
                          serious Mexican food.SSBBW Candy Godiva taking a break from
                          eating Mexican food
82 photos that include a few different food adventures Candy has had just before the start of April.  There is the Hawaiian pizza with the big meatball sub that Candy at wearing a gown that ended up being worn more like a bra.  There are a few pics that show Candy laying on her side on the futon, with her big belly hanging right off the edge.  There are some nudes that show Candy having one of her very favorite dishes of all time from Golden China, the salt and pepper wings.  There is the spam musubi, dumplings, and egg rolls on the side, with the much needed boba tea as well.  The duck sauce is used to dip the egg rolls for each bite, and the dumplings come with a sauce she would not want to eat the dumplings without.  Candy does a few poses on the futon after eating all the wings, and another photo update comes to an end.  This one was just a bit late but we'll try to pick up the pace for the next one.
ssbbw candy godiva has one of the best
                          fudge brownies everssbbw candy godiva's big belly hangs off
                          the side of the couchnude ssbbw candy godiva has some chinese
                          food with boba teamide ssbbw candy godiva having spam
                          musubi with wasabinude ssbbw candy godiva side view big
84 images that show SSBBW Candy starting out with some Thai BBQ, the barbecue chicken and the curry are so awesome that this is a meal which has been photographed and videotaped over and over again.  The next series of images shows Candy enjoying some southern food, with a few smothered pork chops, macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders, and french fries.  I guess the most southern thing about this meal was the pork chops, and they were so saturated in gravy that the breading was literally falling off the chops as Candy would pick them up.  The place she got this stuff from was called Granny's Kitchen and it isn't the first time this SSBBW has ordered from them.  It probably won't be the last either!
nude SSBBW Candy Godiva getting some Thai
                          BBQnude ssbbw candy godiva digging in to
                          some thai bbqamazing view of some big ssbbw belly
                          nudessbbw candy godiva has some Granny's
                          Kitchenssbbw candy godiva goes topless for some
                          granny's kitchen
107 photos that feature SSBBW Candy Godiva fulfilling her most decadent cravings.  First, she is digging in to some Jack in the Box with a combo meal that includes curly seasoned fries and a chocolate milkshake.  Candy went ahead and tried out a few breakfast sandwiches to enhance her combo experience, since they sell them all day here.  The second half of this update show Candy having a gyro sandwich and a pizza that is made with the same toppings and flavor profile as the sandwich.  Candy has a piece of cheesecake along with fries and a soda with this big meal.  At the very end there are a few topless photos, and in the future there will have to be more!
SSBBW Candy Godiva has a big belly!SSBBW Candy Godiva has some Jack in the
                          BoxSSBBW Candy Godiva enjoying a big burgerSSBBW Candy Godiva with some gyro pizza
                          and sandwich. yes, bothSSBBW Candy Godiva bites into that gyro
New video clip that is 17:34 length, 720 by 480 resolution, and 3878kbps total bitrate.  In this clip Candy is having some taco bell, and she didn't put any clothes on at all.  Candy tried out breakfast from the place she calls "taco belly" and there was a crunch wrap, a breakfast taco, some hash browns, and of course some kind of ice coffee drink.  Watch this SSBBW eat Taco Bell in the nude in this latest update.
nude ssbbw candy godiva has some taco
                          bell for breakfastnude ssbbw candy godiva has taco bell for
                          breakfastnude ssbbw candy godiva has taco bell for
                          breakfastnude ssbbw candy godiva has taco bell for
96 photos that include some candid kitchen shots, where Candy is frying up some stuff.  There are some photos that show Candy going to town on some McDonald's breakfast items, she always enjoys that stuff.  Candy lays back for some nude pics before eating some stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut in the nude.  After the pizza shots, there are some sexy standing pics.  A few pics got slipped in of Candy taking a break in the powder room, and then she's back wearing a bra and panties to eat some Hawaiian food.  There were so many different delicious foods in this update that just looking over the pics will make Candy hungry all over again!
nude ssbbw candy godiva chillin with an
                          ice coffee drinknude ssbbw candy godiva has some stuffed
                          crust pizzanude ssbbw standing, big belly hangingssbbw candy godiva has some hawaiian
                          foodside view ssbbw candy godiva
76 photos featuring SSBBW Candy Godiva show her trying out some Vietnamese food from a local place that is called Mr. Sandwich.  Candy is able to sample 2 sandwiches and 2 other dishes. One of the sandwiches is listed as the Vietnamese house special sandwich, or banh mi dac biet. The other is listed as a charbroiled sandwich, or banh mi thit heo nuong. One dish Candy wanted to try was the rare steak and fatty brisket noodle soup, or pho tai, nam. The other dish was grilled shrimp, bbq pork, with egg roll, or bun thit nuong, cha gio. Candy's reaction to each and every one of these dishes was "so good." There wasn't very much talking once she starts eating, because she loved this stuff so much. The noodles, shrimp, pieces of pork, and even the bread impressed Candy because she could tell it was fresh. When Candy finishes off the 2 sandwiches and 2 dishes, she says "I think I hurt myself" because she is so bloated and full. The only thing Candy would change in the future would be to order the house special sandwich with no jalapenos, but even with them, this was worth every bite to experience an exotic food from another region of the world. When the food is finished, Candy spends a few moments rubbing, squeezing, jiggling, and slapping her full, swollen, big belly.  I'm really lucky to get some standing shots in this update too, but there is already more stuff coming soon.
SSBBW Candy just had some Vietnamese food
                          and she's stuffedSSBBW Candy Godiva with Vietnamese food,
                          from the food around the world seriesSSBBW Candy getting down with some
                          Vietnamese foodSSBBW Candy at her limit of face stuffing
                          with Vietnamese foodnude SSBBW Candy Godiva laying back after
                          seriously stuffing
This set of 90 pics shows Candy having a strawberry cheesecake for dessert, and she is also sampling some of KFC's new Nashville hot chicken.  There are some sexy standing and bending shots, and then she gets deep into some Taco Bell, or as she likes to call it, taco belly.  There are a few candid shots at the end of this update, with Candy watching "always sunny in PA."
SSBBW Candy Godiva pouring strawberry
                          sauce on her cheesecakeSSBBW Candy Godiva gets to try KFC's
                          Nashville hot chickenSSBBW Candy Godiva getting some Taco
                          BellSSBBW Candy Godiva watches Always Sunny
                          in PhiladelphiaSSBBW Candy gets more Taco Bell
50 photos that show Candy getting ready to have some Chinese food in the nude.  There are also a couple of candid photos towards the end of the update that shows how she likes her spaghetti.  This SSBBW stands up in some of the photos on this update.
SSBBW Candy Godiva sitting nudeSSBBW Candy Godiva nude on the futonSSBBW Candy Godiva topless with chinese
                          foodtopless SSBBW Candy Godiva getting into
                          some noodlestopless ssbbw candy godiva
74 photos that show SSBBW Candy Godiva enjoying some food from the Hawaiian BBQ place that she loves so much, and then there is some McDonald's, with a Big Mac and some of those delicious chicken nuggets, along with plenty of sweet and sour sauce.
SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          Hawaiian BBQSSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          Hawaiian BBQSSBBW Candy Godiva laying on her side
                          with that big bellySSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          McDonald'sSSBBW Candy Godiva tore up some
99 photos that show Candy having some Jack in the Box breakfast.

74 photos that show just how much Candy enjoys a McRib when it's available.  There are just a few in these photos, and Candy helped herself to a few more, and a few more, during the "limited time only" run on the pork patty bbq sandwich.  There are a few standing photos, and some more that show Candy laid back and relaxing after eating a really filling combination of McRibs, fries, a milkshake, and a soda (ginger ale) as well
SSBBW Candy Godiva standing with those
                          big arms up in the airSSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          McRib with sidesSSBBW Candy Godiva gets into a McRib with
                          fries, a shake, and a ginger aleSSBBW Candy Godiva puts down the ketchup
                          on some fries with her McRib waitingSSBBW Candy Godiva bites down on a big
55 photos start out with Candy enjoying a sandwich and some pickle juice right out of the jar, and those are candid shots with no make up.  Only a few of those were selected this time because the next set start out with Candy wearing some jeans and a black tank top, which she strips out of to eat some fried chicken while wearing a black bra and purple polka dot panties.  There was some mac & cheese along with that fried chicken, and a roll too.  The last few photos are candid again though, with Candy holding a jar with some rice in it.  It is impossible for me to remember the context that those few photos were taken in though.
SSBBW Candy Godiva eats some fried
                          chicken & sides in the new setSSBBW Candy Godiva is stuffed full of
                          fried chicken with macaroni and cheeseSSBBW Candy Godiva bites into a juicy
                          piece of fried chickenSSBBW Candy Godiva stretches out after
                          stuffing her big belly full
160 photos, most of which showing Candy doing something she really enjoys a lot, eating!  In the first few shots, Candy is stripping down after coming home from going out to a big delicious buffet.  Candy is stuffed by the time she finally gets home, and she can't wait to get out of those tight clothes.  After that, there are some no make up candid shots of Candy enjoying some home made meatloaf cheeseburgers with seasoned chicken drumsticks.  The next several images shows Candy with some curly hair eating some awesome Mexican food.  There is a big wet burrito and some mini "street tacos."  In a few more images, Candy is posing in some purple polka-dot panties and a black bra, doing some standing poses.  After that, there is some sexy southern food that Candy absolutely loves, and now "Granny's Kitchen" is one of her favorite southern places locally.  The next few images show Candy enjoying a big burger, fries, and fried onion strips from a place called "Stripburger" and that is incredible as well.  The last few photos show Candy stuffed and relaxing, laying on her side on the futon, huge belly spilling out in front of her.
SSBBW Candy Godiva stripsSSBBW Candy Godiva has some big arms, big
                          belly, and sexy big thighsSSBBW Candy Godiva standing with that big
                          belly hangingSSBBW Candy Godiva gets her hands one
                          some delicious southern foodSSBBW Candy Godiva gets messy with a big
                          bbq burger
98 photos that show what Candy has been up to lately, including some sexy steak sandwiches and sides, and standing poses just for this update.
SSBBW Candy Godiva with a big sandwichSSBBW Candy Godiva licks that berry, oh
                          that is a big tongue!SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get up, it is
                          not easySSBBW Candy Godiva topless with those big
                          arms up to fix her sexy hair
This is a clip from a point in time where Candy found out she was able to rub her huge belly against the floor, after having a big pizza feast.
25:04 length, 720 by 480 resolution, 1092kbps total bitrate, WMV version.  created just for this site, way too long ago.
SSBBW Candy Godiva has a nude pizza
                          feastnude SSBBW Candy Godiva pizza feastnude ssbbw candy godiva lays back during
                          a pizza feast
nude ssbbw candy godiva rubs that huge
                          bellynude ssbbw candy godiva fingers her
                          bellybuttonnude ssbbw candy godiva belly rubbing on
                          the floor
123 photos from the course of the month since the last update.  This set features SSBBW Candy in a few different situations. 

The set starts out with Candy celebrating her birthday with a huge buffet dinner that never seems to end.  There is a giant plate of crab legs and then of course there is the slab of meat cut right from a hot roast.  There are all kinds of foods at this buffet and Candy doesn't hold back when trying any of it. 

There are a few candid shots of Candy without make up and nude eating what looks like a beef liver sandwich with the gravy right on top.  There are pickles and chips too. 

Then, there are just a few photos of Candy wearing a breathing mask while doing a sleep study, but of course she hasn't gone to sleep yet.  Candy wasn't able to sleep very much at all either with all that stuff on. 

After that, Candy gets made up and puts some clothes on to do a video clip of her attempting to eat as much as she can from 3 burgers and 2 different kinds of french fries.  After that, the next few images shows Candy about to dig in to some sushi!  That is one of her favorite foods, and there sure is a whole heck of a lot of it in these photos. 

The last few photos show Candy nude and made up, and she had just finished eating the sushi, she put on some lipstick, and she posed for a few pics after throwing off whatever clothing she had on before.
SSBBW Candy Godiva gets down at a big
                          buffet and eats everything she possibly can.SSBBW Candy Godiva hooked up with all
                          kinds of stuff for a sleep study.SSBBW Candy Godiva has a big feast of 3
                          burgers and 2 kinds of fries.SSBBW Candy Godiva gets a huge feast of
117 photos that show SSBBW Candy Godiva in a few different times throughout the month since the previous update.  First, there are some "candid food photos" which always seems to sneak in there.  The urge for Candy to order delivery or get fast food is greater than the urge to create new clips sometimes, and the photos in this update show just a few of those times, along with other times when Candy does want to get made up and shoot a clip. 

Right off the bat the first photos in this update show Candy seated behind some of her awesome corn bread chicken liver dressing.  That is Candy's own recipe and it is simply amazing.  It is worth the effort to make because that stuff is so awesome.  A few more candid shots show Candy having a mayo and cheddar cheese melt sandwich, no make up, just Candy enjoying a late night snack.  Candy remembered having a block of sharp cheddar in the fridge and she just could not let it go. 

Another small set of photos included in this update show Candy seated behind one of her favorite delivery dishes lately, "salt and pepper wings" from a Chinese place where she also got some sweet and sour chicken and noodles too.  There are also dumplings, the sauce that goes with them, and fried rice, and of course there has to be a big egg roll. 

A few shots show Candy standing in a few poses that she is thinking of in the moment, during those short periods of time when she does agree to do some standing poses.  Candy does have a little bit of make up on for the salt and pepper wings photos, so she probably did do a clip and I don't remember, or, she just wanted to look more presentable because she had been "sneaking food" without documenting it at all during that time. 

The very next short set of photos show Candy behind some Filipino food she really loves a lot.  There is one cup of some liver based soup that is simply amazing, and all the meats are delicious and seasoned to perfection, but I don't feel like hunting down all the names of the dishes she gets right now.  There is no make up for those photos because Candy has done a clip eating the Filipino food, and she didn't want to repeat video shoots with the same food too frequently, although, she does like to get this dish every chance she gets. 

The next set within this update shows Candy with make up, seated behind some "Johnny Vegas fries" along with a philly cheese steak with "extra meat and extra cheese".  That was such a greasy sandwich!  One photo shows just how greasy Candy's hands and face get while eating that thing.  The last few photos in this set show Candy with a stuffed crust Pizza Hut pizza along with 2 orders of wings.  She got the garlic Parmesan and the sweet chili flavor and she nearly ate all of them in the clip that was created with that delicious food.  That wraps up this set, better late than never, another set of fresh SSBBW Candy photos from every day life to video and photo shoot situations.
SSBBW Candy Godiva has some salt and
                          pepper wings, nudenude SSBBW Candy Godiva gathers up those
                          big sexy breastsSSBBW Candy Godiva has some cheesy fries
                          and a extra cheesy sandwichNude SSBBW Candy Godiva gets some pizza
                          and wingsnude SSBBW Candy Godiva gets into some
86 images that show SSBBW Candy Godiva in a few different settings, and added to the site in the last minute in the second update for August.  The last few images in this set were created just a few days before adding here, and then there was still a minor hold up that kept them waiting a few days to barely make it on the last day of the month.  This set includes some candid kitchen photos, where Candy is preparing stuffed peppers.  It is kind of a tight squeeze for Candy to be in that little kitchen, but she still has enough room to extend her big arms all the way out to let them rest on the counter on either side of her.  After those photos, there are some taken in the bedroom before a clip was created that showed Candy laying out on the bed and looking at the sad shape of her feet before she would lotion them up later.  There are some photos taken with Candy nude on the futon, and those photos were taken after Candy did a stripping clip out of the bra and panties she is wearing in the previous photos.
SSBBW Candy Godiva has some blackberriesSSBBW Candy Godiva in newest
                          exoticbbw.com updateSSBBW Candy Godiva laid out on the bedSSBBW Candy Godiva nude on futon
109 photos that include SSBBW Candy going out on the town at a casino.  The first several photos show Candy at a local place that has an awesome buffet, and there are a few photos that show what Candy picked up at least in her first plate and then some dessert.  After doing some gambling and eating, Candy gets to see a movie, and poses in front of a movie poster that says "dream big" and that is kind of appropriate since Candy does dream big when it comes to her food orders!  Talking about food orders, the next several photos feature Candy about to take the plunge into a Pizza Hut "Cheesy Bites" pizza with hamburger.  That thing was awesome!  Candy does some standing poses since she has had a bit more energy lately, and she is able to get up and stand longer and longer, but it doesn't look like that is the result of any weight loss.  There are some candid photos of Candy laying out on the futon and that is kind of rare, even though photos of her sitting on it are not.
SSBBW Candy Godiva goes to the moviesSSBBW Candy Godiva nude in standing poseSSBBW Candy Godiva has Cheesy Bites pizza
                          from Pizza Hut and it's fucking awesome.SSBBW Candy Godiva nude with Cheesy Bites
                          pizza from Pizza Hut.Nude SSBBW Candy Godiva about to tear up
                          some cheesy bites pizza.
This set of 104 images starts out with SSBBW Candy Godiva having some beef stew, no make up, just some candid food pics taken after getting some close up shots of that amazing stew, which had beef liver and heart as well as stew beef.  Then there are a few more candid shots of Candy eating some condensed milk right out of the can before pouring it over this crepe that she got from a local delivery place.  They were out of the type she would normally get, and she didn't realize that the alternative was as dry as it was, so she had to jazz it up a little.  Candy is made up for the Italian feast that she has in the next few images though.  There is a cannoli, an antipasto platter, and 2 big Italian sandwiches with extra meat on both!  Candy takes a few photos with that big feast in front of her, then it's moved out of the way to show every inch of that big belly.  Candy gets up and does a few standing shots while wearing the black bra and hello kitty panties.  There are a few more candid shots of Candy with no make up at the computer and it looks like she's hitting the pipe.  After that, Candy is wearing make up again as she samples a sandwich that was actually called the "Ricky Bobby" that had barbecue beef and white American cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and onion rings.  That sandwich came with some criss cut fries, and she also ordered a piece of apple pie for dessert.  Candy is nude for the shoot with the Ricky Bobby sandwich, and after a few pics are taken the table is moved yet again to let Candy take on a few poses while seated.  She was getting impatient to get into that sandwich!  There are several more photos of Candy wearing a pink bra and purple polka dot panties, and Candy does some more standing poses, even bending over to lean on the futon for a few more of those awesome shots of that amazing big butt.  The next few shots feature Candy with make up again sitting behind a Taco Bell dessert feast.  In those photos Candy starts off with dessert first as she samples everything sweet that Taco Bell has recently added to their menu.  The last few shots Candy herself would probably prefer that I didn't add, because she isn't wearing make up, her hair is a mess, and she is impatiently waiting to start eating some Thai barbecue that a fan had sent to her.  She is not too happy about being made to wait for those photos especially when she knows she is a mess!  There is some beautiful barbecue meat there though, and that gives an idea of the kind of meat feast Candy was waiting to get her hands on when I was busy taking the last few photos in this update. 
SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get into some
                          serious Italian foodSSBBW Candy Godiva eating in the nude,
                          which she does a lot!SSBBW Candy Godiva bending over the futon
                          showing how round that amazing big ass is!SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get into a
                          Taco Bell dessert feast.
94 images that would show Candy Godiva consuming pizza and sushi.  There are also some candid food photos in the kitchen, but not many.  There is a beef heart being cooked by Candy in preparation of one of her favorite types of stew, and there is one photo that shows just how hot it got when the air conditioning decided to fuck with us for a few days.
nude ssbbw candy godiva with pizza and
                          browniesSSBBW Candy Godiva with stuffed crust
                          pizzaSSBBW Candy Godiva with sushissbbw candy godiva stretches out after a
                          face stuffing session
This update has 84 photos of Candy that start out with some candid food photos and ends up with Candy made up and ready to eat the very same thing all over again.  In the first half of these photos, Candy has ordered her favorite "salt and pepper wings" from this place that she orders from regularly.  Candy has been having cravings for these wings that are out of this world, so much in fact that she ordered them once without any intention of doing video or photos, but I was able to sneak in a few photos anyway.  No make up, no clothes, no problem, as long as Candy was distracted long enough by those wings she loves so much.  Then, Candy is in the kitchen, and maybe I was loaded or something but I took a few candid photos of Candy in the kitchen, her big body reflecting off the stove next to her.  There is also a big sheet tacked up to the wall over the window, it's just too fucking hot here to have a window exposed in the apartment for very long.  In the second half of this set, Candy is wearing make up and a sexy red bra and panty set while she eats the very same salt and pepper wings that were featured in the first half of the photos.  This was a different order, of course, but the same order for those wings that she just can't get enough of.  In the set with the make up, Candy actually got 2 orders of the wings, one to eat in a video clip and one to eat later the next day!
ssbbw candy godiva nude in the kitchenssbbw candy godiva about to tear up some
                          salt and pepper wings with dumplings and spam
                          musubissbbw candy godiva getting into some salt
                          and pepper wingsssbbw candy godiva loves meat off the
Add a MP4 video clip that's 6:29 length, 720 by 480 resolution, and 3873kbps total bitrate.  In this clip, Candy is seated at a casino machine playing something called "Texas Tea", which seems like her "go to" machine whenever in a casino.  Candy doesn't win big, or at least she doesn't manage to hold onto the money she did actually win while playing.  At one point she had doubled her original amount, and then she wiped out all of it.  Candy had fun and that's all that matters, but everybody wants a big win in Vegas.  Candy's big win comes later when she gets to visit the buffet at the same casino, and that video clip has already been added.  This clip is exclusive to the website, and not being added on the clip stores.
ssbbw Candy Godiva playing Texas tea at a
                          casinossbbw Candy Godiva playing Texas tea at a
                          casinossbbw Candy Godiva playing Texas tea at a
                          casinossbbw Candy Godiva playing Texas tea at a
116 photos of SSBBW Candy in a few different situations, beginning with just a few photos of Candy out at a really good buffet.  Then, Candy is enjoying some Chinese delivery that helped to fulfill a serious craving that wasn't part of any formal photo or video shoot.  In fact, Candy isn't wearing make up for several photos in the first half of this update.  The only photos that were taken after actually setting up to take photos are the last 50 or so images.  The Chinese delivery included something called "salt and pepper chicken wings" which has quickly become one of Candy's favorite wing preparations.  There is also a big serving of spam musubi which Candy has loved since the first time trying it.  There are some egg rolls, a "New York roll" and dumplings as well.  Candy was not eating this for a video, she was eating it because she felt she had to fulfill the craving for it or she would eat everything in the house.  There are a couple of candid kitchen shots where Candy was preparing some meatloaf, and the lighting was left back-lit to show a silhouette of Candy's sexy SSBBW body.  The next scenario was a massive amount of Indian food that was ordered by a fan.  Again, no video was created, just a few photos taken of the food and I could not resist capturing a few of Candy, even though there was no make up and no formal preparation yet again.  In the next few photos, there is another large delivery of Chinese food that came with awesome egg drop soup and curry too.  Another set of candid food photos include a pretty substantial delivery of Italian food, which was so excellent that Candy couldn't resist eating the chicken milanese even though she had eaten recently.  At one point in the very beginning of a photo shoot, Candy is on the futon and spreads her big round thighs to show "some pink" because she said it had been too long.  There are several shots because it was tricky for Candy to get just the right hold on her big lips to show her clit without being able to see down there herself.  At some point Candy's relatively small clit is exposed though, and then Candy stands up for several shots for as long as she can stand for them.  There are a few familiar poses, but it is just irresistible to capture Candy's super sized body from some similar poses from previous sets.  The set ends with Candy seated behind a simple but filling meal from McDonald's.  A Big Mac, large french fries, and a strawberry shake.  That's not a huge feast, but Candy was going to do a DQ video until she found out that the closest location doesn't carry burgers or fries.  That pretty much cancelled out the possibility of a DQ shoot if ice cream related stuff wasn't going to be the main focus.  There happens to be a McDonald's right next to that DQ, so a Big Mac was the next best thing to help with Candy's burger craving in that moment.
SSBBW Candy nude laying out on the futonnude SSBBW Candy side view seated on the
                          futonnude SSBBW Candy with McDonald's big mac,
                          large fries, and strawberry milkshakenude SSBBW Candy with a Big Mac sandwich
In this set of 86 images, there are a few "behind the scenes" shots that were probably generated while a tad bit intoxicated out of celebration to have repaired the futon that Candy is leaning on for one of the shots.  The visual effect of Candy leaning on the futon is much more stimulating to me than her sitting on it, which is why there are probably more standing photos in this update than in several past updates.  The futon is fixed, but Candy is trying to get more active and do more physical stuff when given the chance to take some photos.  Among the standing photos are Candy bending over, which is always sexy, even if I didn't get the light exactly right for one shot from behind that would have revealed what lies between those massive thighs.  Now that I am using 2 main lights, one in each corner, I need to remember to go ahead and use the flash when there are situations like the "grand canyon" of Candy's massive round sexy ass.  I've called it a "clam shell butt" because it is such an exquisite view from behind when you spread it open.  Unfortunately I didn't spread it open for that shot because Candy had a serious time limit as to how long she could stand up. 

In one shot, Candy has actually lifted one foot to put it on the futon, which was impressive as a physical feat for her, but there would be no way to set up lighting exactly right in time once she was in that pose, except to get her lit up as much as possible and accept a few shadows here and there.  I didn't ask her to do it, but Candy is testing her own ability to stand longer, and even put her foot up on a surface that high and hold her balance for a few seconds.  I wouldn't have suggested she try that because I didn't want to sacrifice more time for other standing shots, but I did get carried away once she was willing to get up for a few standing poses at all. 

The first half of the update is a lot of candid photos that show Candy having this or that favorite food item while she wasn't feeling so great.  A recent cold put a damper on Candy's ability to do much at all, and even her appetite suffered, so I know it was pretty serious.  I didn't know when I would get to do a "real photo shoot" next for a few weeks there, so I would take photos of her when I could, especially when the camera would come out because some really beautiful food was ordered. 

Looking over the images, there is one order from a favorite sandwich place that included corn dogs and a few Italian sandwiches.  No make up, just Candy about to dive into this big order without any pressure to do a clip or photo shoot.  Another candid food session is created when Candy makes a snack out of Ritz crackers, cheddar cheese, and a bowl of beef ravioli.  It isn't extravagant, but it's a "comfort snack" while she was still feeling under the weather.  Once the second half of the update comes up, Candy is feeling a bit better, has put on some make up, and she's doing a video with a big bacon double cheese burger, curly seasoned fries, a strawberry ice cream milkshake, and a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie all from Jack in the Box.  The very last few shots show Candy opening up a seedless "personal" watermelon, which I had to take a few photos of because I trip out on how digital cameras capture the color red as "pink" in some lighting.  It reminds me of how a digital camera sensor created the famous "what color is this dress" photo, but this is in the red spectrum.
nude ssbbw candy godiva has to put some
                          mustard on those corn dogsnude ssbbw candy godiva standing!nude ssbbw candy godiva with that sexy
                          clam shell butt and big thighs bent overnude ssbbw candy godiva taking a break
                          after all those standing photosnude ssbbw candy godiva having a bacon
                          double cheeseburger from jack in the box
This set of 70 images features a few images of Candy out and about, going to a doctor visit after years of struggling with just getting out of the house.  Candy seems pretty calm but she's excited to have overcome the kind of anxiety that kept her in the house for the longest time.  It still takes some getting used to because whenever she goes out just about anywhere she becomes some kind of celebrity because people just can't keep their eyes off of her!  In the case with the doctor visit, there are several images that show Candy just seated in her bariatric transport chair in between being rolled around on several occasions on some errands that aren't as fun as usual because Candy isn't heading somewhere to get food.  It's all good though, because when Candy does get home, she rewards herself for dealing with all that stress by ordering a pretty substantial delivery of smothered fries and sandwiches from a place called "Johnny Vegas" that she really likes.  I don't get it, because there was once a piece of metal in a burger from there, but she just loves those cheesy fries covered with bacon.  Candy just can't resist that stuff after a hard day of being rolled around and stared at by complete strangers.  I'm used to being stared at myself because I know what kind of freak I am, but it's still tricky to get Candy into that mode where she's ready to roll out of the apartment and face the world.  When she knows she is going to reward herself with another huge order of Chinese delivery, it makes the trip a little easier.  That's what the second big feast featured in this set shows.  Candy gets a few dinner specials and makes one of her big fat Candy plates of Chinese delivery, almost making a little face with it not even trying.  That stuff looks delicious, but it's hands off for me, because all that food is all her's.  She earned it, after all the traveling she has been doing lately to try to get her health in order, as well as she can.
ssbbw candy godiva amazing back viewssbbw candy godiva full from another
                          eating adventuressbbw candy godiva gets into some chinese
                          deliveryssbbw candy godiva sexy super sized side
New set of 115 photos are added to the member's area, and they were a lot of fun.  First, Candy starts out in the shower, before the water has been run.  Yeah, I guess it would look hot with Candy all wet, and I should have thought about that, but I just wanted a few shots of her sitting in there on her special shower chair and it was really spontaneous.  Besides, if more photos are taken after the water is started steam could be an issue, but then you need a fan going, but then Candy would be freezing.  Either way, this was just a few shower pics before she gets started, and they are pretty hot as a side view.  Then, Candy is on the futon in the main studio.  That futon has broken down since this was created, but then again, I'm still working on reinforcing it with actual angle iron.  Candy takes a bunch of pics out there, and some of them are standing!  It isn't easy these days for Candy to get up off that big sexy ass to show it off for some pics, but she does in this update, as evident from the preview image out on the main page.  Candy was made up to head for the bedroom for some nude shots in the bed, before she gets nailed for the video where she attempts to eat burritos while she's getting nailed.  There are some photos taken immediately after the completion of that clip too, and Candy's inner thighs are glistening from that money shot because she relaxed and let her big sexy thigh down, squishing that cum all over the place in there.  Candy poses for a few more shots on the futon again while enjoying some Taco Bell breakfast items.  That will be a clip available some day too, there are only about 5 clips in front of it I think.  Either way, this is a nice set, and it reminds me that I have to take more pics for the next update! :)  I can't let Candy get lazy in between these updates, or the number of photos will really suck.  At the same time, Candy had quite a few errands going on, she has probably been out of the house more in the last month than she had in the last 3 years.  I almost forgot to mention, in the course of taking these photos and creating the clips that were made at that time, Candy ends up getting Taco Bell twice in two days.  Once for the nachos and burritos that were used as "props" for a hardcore clip, and then the next day when she had me get up early to go grab some breakfast items for her to try out.  It turns out the AM crunch wrap would have worked out pretty easily during sex too, as easy as eating while getting nailed could be.  I also forgot to mention it appears that every shoot where photos were taken Candy happened to be totally nude.  I've finally caught up with updates on the blog too, and most of the time I add a few extra preview images there as well.
ssbbw candy godiva in the showerssbbw candy godiva squeezes those sexy
                          fat tits togetherssbbw candy godiva about to bite a big
                          beefy burritossbbw candy godiva laid out nude all over
                          the bed
This set of 90 images shows Candy out and about in the first 9 photos, and then a few more photos after that of her about to strip down, but all that has been freed is that big sexy butt, and she's bending over the futon, and it looks really hot!  I had to keep her standing longer than she wanted to take several photos of that sexy super sized sight!  After Candy strips down and removes any trace of make up, she's in the kitchen to create one of her favorite things, the B.L.T. sandwich.  That is bacon, lettuce, and tomato for those who aren't familiar with it.  She uses a little salt on the tomatoes, and she also uses mayo on toasted wheat bread.  I did actually include just one photo of the sandwiches close up because every single time Candy makes them, they are so beautiful!  The next several photos show Candy on another day making the "big salad" covered with shredded cheddar cheese.  On another occasion, Candy is back in the kitchen yet again, but this time she is still wearing make up from something she was doing earlier in the day.  This time, Candy has used some created some taco seasoned ground beef to add to some corn tortillas and then bake the whole combination in the oven.  Again, this dish turned out so good, but I didn't include any close up photos.  After some encouragement, I actually get Candy to stand up long enough for 3 photos in a row.  That was quite a feat.  This set closes out with Candy back in the front room, still wearing make up, enjoying the finished version of the casserole she was creating before.  There really were a lot of candid type photos in this set, but more is coming soon, and Candy has allowed more time to take more photos before getting the food for an eating video, so now I can capture Candy fresh before she has the food, and then while she is eating, and then after she is finished.
ssbbw candy godiva outsidessbbw candy godiva lays down the ketchupssbbw has some kool aidssbbw candy godiva has a casserole shown
                          in the latest update
Added one video clip that shows Candy out at a casino buffet.  It's all you can eat, and for Candy, that's just enough.  Candy is really into a variety of different foods, and at this buffet, she gets to sample "Tex Mex" and "International" and "Asian" and "Italian" and what they called "American" but just resembled the stuff you would find at a Golden Corral.  Candy has mostly meat on that first plate, and she would have been totally fine to do another entire different plate, but the ribs had a seasoning that set her off for some reason.  I tried what she left behind and I thought they were awesome, but Candy says that after tasting those ribs, she was a little put off to everything else.  She does manage to get past it as she blasts at least %75 through that first plate, and then goes for another plate with just a massive amount of desserts.  The video clip is 15:14 length, 720 by 480 resolution, and 3731kbps total bitrate and it's still just over 400mb.  The video is a little dark and grainy while in the restaurant, because they skillfully set up the lighting to hit the table but leave the face slightly shadowed.  I think they call that "complimentary lighting" but it is shitty for trying to video tape!  There are a few moments, probably a little over a minute or so that Candy is back at home, sitting on the futon, pants already long gone, and she can lift up that shirt and show her massive full belly.  This clip is exclusive to the member's area of this site.  Too many bystanders got caught in the video cross fire and this one is brand new.
SSBBW Candy Godiva visits an all you can
                          eat buffet, which is just enough for Candy and
                          her massive big bellySSBBW Candy Godiva visits an all you can
                          eat buffet, which is just enough for Candy and
                          her massive big bellySSBBW Candy Godiva visits an all you can
                          eat buffet, which is just enough for Candy and
                          her massive big belly
SSBBW Candy Godiva visits an all you can
                          eat buffet, which is just enough for Candy and
                          her massive big bellySSBBW Candy Godiva visits an all you can
                          eat buffet, which is just enough for Candy and
                          her massive big bellySSBBW Candy Godiva visits an all you can
                          eat buffet, which is just enough for Candy and
                          her massive big belly

91 photos that start out with Candy "out and about" going to a local casino to win a little and then lose a little cash on a game called "Texas Tea" that she always goes straight to whenever she enters a casino with the potential to gamble.  After some cute photos are taken out on the casino floor, we take it into the casino all you can eat buffet, where Candy has big hopes but is only really able to finish off about 2 and a half "Candy plates" before calling it quits.  I shot a little video about 13 minutes long or so, but the lighting is so very bad.  I am hesitant to try to put that clip in a store, but I may put it on youtube because you can't see her big belly so maybe youtube won't call it "obscene" as they have some videos of Candy while clothed, but with her ginormous belly hanging out.  While in the casino buffet, I was feeling lucky to be able to take as many photos as I did without it causing any issues, but I was using a camera that doesn't have a flash, which is why the outside photos look excellent, but the inside photos are kind of blurry.  Not to mention, it's a low light situation and I wasn't going to set up a whole tripod!  After the casino and outside photos, there are more photos of Candy about to enjoy some Carl's Jr.  These photos were taken before, during, and after Candy shoots her very first video ever eating Carl's Jr!  All this time, Candy has been doing repeated chicken, pizza, and sandwich videos from the same places, but finally she gets the idea to go for Carl's Jr.  She almost changed her last mind at the last minute for Sonic, but she has done 2 videos of that, and she was ready to eat in the car for that, but I was set on doing the Carl's Jr once she mentioned it, knowing it would be the very first.  At the end of the photos, there are some candid shots of Candy in the kitchen.  She's not wearing make up, so in one of the photos towards the end Candy literally flips off the photographer to express her impatience with having to wait for me to set up photos while she is trying to plate some delicious food she has just cooked.  With that, brings 91 more photos at the very end of the month, or "at the wire".  I managed to get four updates this month, and I took enough new photos to pack quite a few in March!  I'm looking forward to doing the same if not more for April!
SSBBW Candy Godiva has Carl's Jr, goes
                          out to a casino, and doing candid kitchen
                          shots!SSBBW Candy Godiva has Carl's Jr, goes
                          out to a casino, and doing candid kitchen
                          shots!SSBBW Candy Godiva has Carl's Jr, goes
                          out to a casino, and doing candid kitchen
                          shots!SSBBW Candy Godiva has Carl's Jr, goes
                          out to a casino, and doing candid kitchen
Added 48 photos that start out with an artistic attempt to capture the shape of Candy's arms and shoulders in a back light situation.  Then, there are a few shots that show Candy enjoying some Popeye's fried chicken, sides, and biscuits with no make up on.  Because she didn't do a video for that one.  It was an 18 piece spicy box with jambalaya and mashed potatoes and gravy.  After that, there are a few shots that feature more of Candy's arm and wrist than the rest of her big sexy body.  I was working on something to call the wrist crease, or wrist roll, because I find cankle to be such a cute word, as well as being cute on a sexy SSBBW with big thighs.  Then there are a few shots of Candy I took because she was pulling all the yellow skittles out of a tub and putting them in the lid, and it looked weird, and I was probably loaded.  At the end of this photo update, are way too few photos of Candy about to enjoy or in the process of enjoying a bacon wrapped pizza from a well known national pizza franchise.  There should have been more photos of that one, but Candy could not wait to start eating that pizza, and once she got started, the massive amount of breading on this deep dish monstrosity gave her the itis and she didn't want to do any more photos.  I'm lucky for what I did get though, and can share it here.
SSBBW Candy Godiva has bacon wrapped
                          pizza, fried chicken, and moreSSBBW Candy Godiva has bacon wrapped
                          pizza, fried chicken, and moreSSBBW Candy Godiva has bacon wrapped
                          pizza, fried chicken, and moreSSBBW Candy Godiva has bacon wrapped
                          pizza, fried chicken, and more
This is 42 photos from the last 2 times Candy got made up for photos or video.  The first few photos feature Candy having some chicken tenders from Popeye's.  There is a funny story with that one, it was supposed to be a five piece chicken deal, but somehow they put tenders on the receipt, and in the box, and I discovered it in the parking lot but decided that I didn't want to wait any longer to get this food to the house.  There was disappointment of course, because Candy just had tenders previously, but she was hungry, and she wanted chicken, so she still enjoyed the hell out of them.  It turns out the spicy tenders might be just a bit more spicy than the chicken too.  There were also 2 biscuits, and 3 sides.  The sides were coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, and jambalaya.  Candy ordered the first 2 herself, but I added the jambalaya because I wanted to see how it tasted from this place.  It tasted like Zatarain's brand jambalaya mix using Popeye's chicken.  It was really good.  That is quite an idea, to peel away meat from a five piece just to make a boxed mix of jambalaya.  Anyway, Candy really did enjoy all of it, and she was good and filled up by the time she got to eat the pecan pie, which I didn't take any freaking photos of.  The second set of photos included in this update are from a recent order Candy made of Korean, Cantonese, and Japanese food.  There is a story behind this order too, that I went into great detail about over at the blog obesiverse.com.  Candy was playing with the menu of a new restaurant on this site "grub hub", and she must have accidentally hit the "finish order" button without realizing it, or something.  About an hour later there was a knock at the door, and Candy was already in the kitchen about to prepare 2 BLT's and a fruit smoothie.  Before getting the bacon in the pan, the knock came, and after a confusing moment of Candy saying "I didn't order anything" from the kitchen, I accepted the food with only slight hesitation.  I knew that there would be no way to get a refund from Candy "forgetting she ordered" or "ordering accidentally".  This gave Candy quite a nice excuse to get made up for some photos and a whole video that features several dishes of Cantonese, Japanese, and Korean origin.  I named all the dishes over at the blog, and I went to great detail about them on twitter, so this description is quite long enough!  The last few shots are of Candy after the Korean food was over with, having a bowl of peppermint ice cream while waiting on a data transfer to make more room on her main drive for her games. :)
SSBBW Candy Godiva has chicken tenders,
                          jambalaya, mashed potatoes with gravy,
                          coleslaw, and then Korean, Japanese, and
                          Cantonese food!SSBBW Candy Godiva has chicken tenders,
                          jambalaya, mashed potatoes with gravy,
                          coleslaw, and then Korean, Japanese, and
                          Cantonese food!SSBBW Candy Godiva has chicken tenders,
                          jambalaya, mashed potatoes with gravy,
                          coleslaw, and then Korean, Japanese, and
                          Cantonese food!SSBBW Candy Godiva has chicken tenders,
                          jambalaya, mashed potatoes with gravy,
                          coleslaw, and then Korean, Japanese, and
                          Cantonese food!
18 images that show Candy enjoying what she called a "sandwich splurge".  this was something Candy had been wanting to order, and when she finally did, she allowed for me to shoot video of it.  the only issue is, when Candy got the food she was really hungry, so there wasn't much time to take pics before.  once she started eating, she really didn't stop, so there wasn't any time to take photos during a kind of "break".  when Candy finished eating, she was so worn out from eating that she was in no mood to take more photos.  :)  for that reason, along with the 18 photos, i am adding a 22:53 video that shows Candy having a Chinese food feast after taking some time off from doing "eating videos".  the video is 720 by 480 at 1092kbps total bitrate.
SSBBW Candy Godiva gets down with a
                          sandwich splurgeSSBBW Candy Godiva gets down with a
                          sandwich splurgeSSBBW Candy Godiva gets down with a
                          sandwich splurgeSSBBW Candy Godiva gets down with a
                          sandwich splurge
SSBBW Candy Godiva gets down with a
                          sandwich splurge
44 images that show SSBBW Candy Godiva getting ready to eat a combination of foods that she had such a craving for that she agreed to do a video including them if I went to 2 different places to pick them up!  First there is the Filipino place where I picked up a "combo", which is two items combined with a big serving of rice.  The two items Candy got were Lechon and Dinuguan.  Candy enjoys the rich taste of Dinuguan, and to me it just tastes like beef liver, but Candy is able to pick up all the beefy flavor that is wrapping around my simple tastes.  The Lechon is like pork "cracklings", which is just pork skin deep fried.  If just one or two layers are prepared this way, you get crunchy pork skins, but when several layers of skin, meat, and fat are included in the mix, there is a wild combination of super crunchy with meaty and then the gel texture of the big chunks of pork fat.  Candy wanted Sisig Lechon that day, but they were out, and I substituted the Lechon for it, but I neglected to call Candy to confirm and of course I was wrong.  She enjoyed the Lechon but she would have gotten another meaty soup type of dish instead if she knew that they were out of the sisig lechon.  I was probably anxious to get on to the next place after that because again, Candy had me go to two different places for this special craving that I kind of messed up a little.  The other place is a Hawaiian BBQ place, and she got a combo plate called the L & L Hawaiian BBQ Mix.  This came with rice and a side of cold pasta salad, which Candy didn't touch because she ordered that plate strictly for the meat.  Candy allowed for some photos to be taken before starting the video, and then there was a point when I noticed that we were over 13 minutes in and Candy hadn't gotten half way through all she would eat, so she had to eat a bit while the video camera was put to the side.  That was my chance to grab some images of Candy as she struggled to finish as much as she could, before she would be prepared to take just a few more bites and then close the video we were working on by playing with her massive belly to help all that food settle.  I failed to point out at first that the very first image in this set was just Candy seated behind a plate of manwhich that has been put on toasted bread instead of hamburger buns.
SSBBW Candy Godiva enjoys 2 big combo
                          plates from 2 different restaurants, Filipino
                          food and Hawaiian food!SSBBW Candy Godiva enjoys 2 big combo
                          plates from 2 different restaurants, Filipino
                          food and Hawaiian food!SSBBW Candy Godiva enjoys 2 big combo
                          plates from 2 different restaurants, Filipino
                          food and Hawaiian food!SSBBW Candy Godiva enjoys 2 big combo
                          plates from 2 different restaurants, Filipino
                          food and Hawaiian food!
27 photos have been added showing Candy Godiva just as she is about to enjoy some delicious Chinese food, which includes 2 full lunch trays and an extra egg roll, along with spam musubi.  Candy mixes up some wasabi paste fresh from a container of powder that is always kept on hand in case of a sushi emergency.  One might not thing that anything with a big chunk of spam in it can't be that great, but the special sauce they use on spam musubi actually makes it really good.  I didn't get to try it on this occasion because Candy ate the whole thing, along with those 2 large lunch platters.  Each one of those platters includes both fried rice and chow mein, along with the main course, which in these two platters were house special chicken and an orange chicken.  I'm sure they were good because Candy usually leaves some portion for later, but she was craving this stuff so badly that she just had to go for it.  This food was consumed after Candy created a video clip that didn't even include this food! :)
SSBBW Candy Godiva is just about to rip
                          into 2 Chinese lunch trays with spam musubi
                          too!SSBBW Candy Godiva is just about to rip
                          into 2 Chinese lunch trays with spam musubi
                          too!SSBBW Candy Godiva is just about to rip
                          into 2 Chinese lunch trays with spam musubi
after way too much time has passed, I finally added the only 21 photos taken of Candy Godiva over the past month.  these photos show Candy about to eat a few different foods, starting with a really delicious looking Italian sandwich that came with a pizza and some pasta I'm sure.  there was also an Arby's video shoot that some photos were taken of, and then Candy Godiva makes her favorite chili cheese hot dogs!  because there were so few images, I wanted to also add a video that is 8:14 in length, 720 by 480 resolution, and 1092kbps total bitrate for a WMV that is smaller than the clip site versions, but still full length.  the video is the horse head mask video, and it is definitely hardcore.  just watching that video makes me want to grab that mask and do it all over again with or without a camera running!  fortunately I have had the opportunity to do some more hardcore stuff recently, but it was so exciting that the video clips are way too short!  this reminds me of how much I would enjoy creating this kind of content again, so I really want to make that happen.  Watch for more of this kind of content to be coming to the clip store and here to the website as well.  there really are no excuses, but the long delay before this update was due to some stuff going on, but there is "always stuff going on" with me.  at least some of this stuff was really good, even if it was still difficult, and now I want to add another update to this site within this month, even if I have to talk Candy into getting prepared to take photos just for the site!
ssbbw Candy Godiva has a few of her
                          favorite foods in the latest update to
                          exoticbbw.comSSBBW Candy Godiva has sex with a guy in
                          a horse head mask, then totally swallows his
                          big load with a smileSSBBW Candy Godiva has sex with a guy in
                          a horse head mask, then totally swallows his
                          big load with a smile
SSBBW Candy Godiva has sex with a guy in
                          a horse head mask, then totally swallows his
                          big load with a smileSSBBW Candy Godiva has sex with a guy in
                          a horse head mask, then totally swallows his
                          big load with a smileSSBBW Candy Godiva has sex with a guy in
                          a horse head mask, then totally swallows his
                          big load with a smile
add 168 images total, from 3 different parts, all of which have been condensed down to this month.  there are so many food events that have taken place, and this is a sneak preview into all the future food videos to come, plus, a peek into the current harcore ssbbw climate i have personally created.  your welcome. :)
ssbbw candy godiva in so many food
                          predicamentsssbbw candy godiva in so many food
                          predicamentsssbbw candy godiva in so many food
                          predicamentsssbbw candy godiva in so many food
                          predicamentsssbbw candy godiva in so many food
add 140 images total, from 4 different photo sets, that each include up to two different scenarios.  2 different photo sets illustrate what Candy looks like while drunk.  one set shows Candy while drunk cleaning a baked turkey for thanksgiving.  then there is another set with these big sandwiches that Candy ordered, that are her favorite.  there is a big huge feast from ihop, and one of the preview images shows plastic containers galore.  this shit hasn't even been fully edited on video yet for the clip sites...  if all that shit wasn't enough, there is a final blow with popeye's fried chicken combined with photos taken of the russian food video, that isn't even on the fucking clip site yet... so, here is your 'sneak peek' at what's coming up in video...
ssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihopssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihopssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihopssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihopssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihop
ssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihopssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihopssbbw candy godiva gets drunk, has
                          popeye's fried chicken, russian food, big
                          sandwiches, and a huge ass feast from ihop

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